Best Practices to Protect Your Twilio SendGrid Account and Sending Reputation

Security is a necessity, one that we take along with our clients, carrying the duty to guarantee a protected and secure arrangement. Sending Reputation is also important to understand in order to make way to the inbox of recipients and to have successful email campaigns. 

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Best practices to protect Twilio SendGrid  Account

Best practices to protect Twilio SendGrid Account


The first concern at Twilio is our clients and securing their identities and accounts. In addition to having one of the world's best and most functional email platforms, we have also manufactured quality technology to protect your data and keep them from falling under the control of third-parties or hackers.

Security is a necessity, one that we take along with our clients, carrying the duty to guarantee a protected and secure arrangement.

Sending Reputation is also important to understand in order to make way to the inbox of recipients and to have successful email campaigns.

Here are some of the best to assist you in protecting your twilio account and maintaining your brand reputation:

1. Two-Factor Authentication 

Two-factor authentication blocks unapproved access regardless of whether your password is taken or hacked, statistically speaking it is 98% potent against mechanized assaults as the two-factor verification includes an extra layer of security to all customer accounts. 

It works methodically and is quite simple, clients are required to enter a code sent by means of instant message to their enlisted telephones. Without this code, customers can't get to the site, app, or data. Though loopholes exist in this channel, two-factor verification features nurture your security act. 

2. Secret phrase security 

A solid password doesn’t have to just be a sequence of characters that are hard to decode. You should pick passwords that are more than 14 characters and simpler to recollect. Here are a few hints. 

It is suggested that you update your password in case it doesn't follow the above rules. And always ensure that the password is unique and not the same one for different websites, which would make it less protected and more open to threats.

3. Cutoff the extent of your API key 

Attempt to make numerous API Keys with less consents rather than 1 API Key with all authorizations. 

On the off chance that your API key gets bargained, it is simple to erase and make another API key and update your environment variables with the new key. Programming interface key authorizations can be set to give admittance to various functionalities of your account, without allowing complete and full access to your account.

4. IP access the board 

The IP access management feature is one that allows its users to secure their accounts and records. It permits you to control who can get to your Twilio SendGrid account according to the IP address they use. 

This is a useful asset that guarantees just you and your group from authorized and determined IP locations can get access to the record. However it is necessary to keep in mind that it is also possible to eliminate your own IP address from your list of authorized addresses, hence blocking you from your own account access. 

While we can reestablish your access back to you, it is still required that a confirmation of your identity and verification be supplied in order to get back hold over your account. IP is very clearly displayed to help keep you from accidentally eliminating it from the allowed addresses.

We at Twilio take the security of your account and its data responsibly and try to avoid any troublemakers from gaining access to your information.

5. Use Subdomains to convey messages 

A subdomain is the 'child' of that parent domain, which is identified by a prefix to indicate that it is a distinct subsection of the larger domain, and a subdomain is often recommended to use instead of your parent domain.

By segregating the promotional and non-promotional mails, you can all more effectively seclude what is influencing your sending reputation and deliverability on each of your subdomains by isolating your promoting and non-advertising messages. However, on an occasion that your email space gets flagged as an awful sender, your parent area isn't undermined - which is good.

Marketing emails tend to have a lower sending reputation compared to transactional emails as they often get flagged as spam. Hence it is good practice to separate them both from each other since end-users view them differently because the CAN-SPAM Act regulates and controls email marketing.

Isolating your mainstream via mail type, especially from a high-level corporate domain, gives a specific detailing and adaptable control to guarantee that any reputation hit on one of them doesn't really influence the entirety of your traffic. 

At Twilio we are constantly evaluating and improving our security practices and assure you that every notice, the security update will be provided to safeguard your SendGrid account.

Sending Reputation is in your control, it can be contained and maintained if one uses different tools, checkers, and strategies to display more and exact visibility into how the mailbox providers see your mail. HandySends offers expert service in ensuring your email programs and plans are consistent in their reach and success.

SendGrid Security Checklist is a perfect list to protect your account even though at Twilio SendGrid we are always improving and refining to create a secure experience for our customers.


Make sure you use an email you can access.